11 Things I would do in tech-free 🌎

Will you be defeated by technology?



I was thinking about what should I write for my next post when suddenly I remembered about a post that I saw on Instagram. I’ve been following @thefamily.uk for quite sometime now. Does anyone know about this family? 3 adorable kids raised by a great family. Omar, Fatimah & Ali. You guys should visit their IG, facebook and watch little dive vidoes. How talented it is Omar in writing, Fatimah  & Ali whom looks like twin when they’re not! But I’m not writing about them tonight. I’m writing about “11 Things to Do in a Tech-Free World”. This idea come from Omar ❤ Thank you for sharing yours. It’s my turn to share mine. You can read what Omar will do here.

Here’s my list(s) :

  1. I would went for lunch with family and friend and talk about each other life without having to look at the phone, posting pictures on Instagram or wanting to check if someone comment/ like on my status or pictures!
  2. Go swimming with Dolphins and explore the sea with them!
  3. Convincing my tech-lovers friends that they’re going to be okay.
  4. Brought a tent to the library and read books as much as I want.
  5. Go to other planet just to see if there is aliens.
  6. Get married; would be less cost 😀 😀 😀
  7. Vote for Omar to become Prime Minister 💪
  8. Follow elephants into the woods.
  9. Write about my everyday life on a piece and paper and mailed to friends.
  10. Meet new people and talk about random things.
  11. Sleep on a tree while watching the stars at night!

Now I’ve shared mine, why don’t you guys share urs! Let’s us keep the circle going. It would be nice to know what would you do in a tech-free world. Will you survive?

Thanks a lot for reading. Love ya!! ❤

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